Custom made

Your personalised floor design up to 5m width

Idea Come up with an idea. Think of colours, fabrics and designs. It can be anything!
Request Contact us via email or phone and tell us all about your idea, so that we can prepare a quote.
Colour selection Pick your favourite colours and create a palette that fits your brand, your rooms and your idea.
Cloth selection Choose which cloth you prefer. Pick a composition, type of cloth and weight.
Backing selection Pick your preferred backing based on comfort, isolation properties and acoustics.
Creation process Take advantage of our team accompanying you every step of the project – from creation to the finished flooring.
Approval We’ll send you a PDF with our proposal. All we need now is your approval.
Lab sample We’ll get started on creating samples, so you can see and feel your idea in real life.
Order Happy about the samples? Time to place your order.
Production Your Custom Made carpet is being printed in our factory by our experienced staff.
Delivery We’ll get your flooring to your doorstep, timely and efficiently.
Enjoy Your custom made carpet is ready to be used. Enjoy!
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Did you know...

You can also choose to customise a carpet from our Service Collection or the Choose to Create collection. You can customise colours, cloth, backing, design, … Browse through our other collections and don’t hesitate to contact us when you need more information.


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