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Special design flooring from 240 m²

Create the perfect flooring

Be inspired by our Choose to Create collection to find the perfect design for your project. Choose between more than 1000 designs and 72 colours to create the carpet that matches your company personality. We also offer 7 cloths and 3 backings to respond to an array of technical requirements to optimize the space you want to re-invent.

  • Digitally printed carpet
  • More than 1000 designs, 72 colours, 7 cloths and 3 backings
  • > 240 m²
Step 1
Choose by design trend
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We provide the canvas and the paint - you are the artist. 
We ensure the continuous evolution of our Choose to Create offering to bring you the latest and best trends in design. Let your imagination run free with our inspiring designs as your canvas. 



The preconfigured design options in our accessible ‘Choose to Create’ collection make it a quick and easy process for you to create your own personalised textile flooring solution. Our brand-new, on-trend ‘Layered’ design theme offers you even more inspiration, for truly illuminated floors.

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Tropical Blend

Relax with Tropical Blend – a theme that ushers a green utopia into your interior. The abundance of nature has something to offer to everyone. Sublime, soothing, calming, outspoken, eye-catching… These flooring designs embrace the beautiful patterns that nature so generously offers.

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Tartan Revive

Our ‘Tartan Revive’ designs are based on the ancient Celtic art form of plaid weaving. This theme enables us to fully harness the grid as a design tool, and new technology empowers us to translate celebrated tartan motifs into flooring that effortlessly blends culture, elegance and comfort..

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Urban Jungle

Natural patterns make for a relaxed atmosphere, so go wild with botanical prints and animal motives. A healthy indoors with outdoor inspiration: from jungle plants and tropical leaves to zebra stripes and leopard spots. Think green!

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Raw Industrial

Apparently unfinished but thoughtfully designed, a touch of copper, exposed details and weathered surfaces create that old warehouse feel in modern rooms. Embrace the rawness of earthy materials and distressed textures. Concrete, slate or terrazzo? A rock-solid choice for contemporary spaces.

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Vintage Baroque

Ornamental shapes or the feel of velvet, enrich your space with a touch of tradition, re-imagined for today’s interiors. Rich tones and arabesque patterns to warm any interior with authentic charm.

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New Minimalism

Less is more. De-clutter your space with the modernity of strong graphic shapes and linear elements. Sleek and sophisticated designs bring you back to the essentials. Our style motto? Keep it simple.

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Boho Chique

Dreaming of an eternal spring? Brighten up your space with floral swirls and colourful blossoms. A playful accent for upbeat interiors: say it with flowers!

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Our moodbooks create the perfect atmosphere for your project zones.


Give your imagination the reins with 'Layered'. Our designers had a lofty ambition: to design an artistic theme that captures shifting light, colours and forms, inspired by both visual arts and the natural world with its multiple design elements, such as reflections on ice or water, translucent leaves or foggy nature. Layered design creates graphic compositions on many levels. The result? Captivating visual effects that don’t hold back when it comes to drama.

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Design II

Graphic patterns, vibrant colours, eye-catching results. Enrich your style palette with the unique creations of our Design II Collection. Contemporary chic, timeless taste.

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Natural elements inspire a relaxed and positive atmosphere. Bring the outdoors in, with the Botanic Collection's bold floral patterns and rich autumn colours. Reminiscent of long walks in the woods, the designs add a warm and cosy feel to any setting.

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Our busy lives leave little room for tranquility and relaxation. Create a welcoming ambience with Pure's warm neutrals and contrasting darks. A timeless tone on tone style that oozes calm and comfort. Pure and simple.

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Royal reds, grand greens and blazing blues. The Majestic Collection's rich tones and designs breathe class and lavish luxury. An exquisite choice for stately and sophisticated setttings.

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Trends will come and go, but the established designs in our Classic Collection will never go out of style. Whether you prefer abstract or arabesque, this collection presents you with patterns that will last you a lifetime.

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Step 2

Colour selection

Pick a colour palette that invigorates your room and brings your design to life.

Step 3

Cloth selection

Click here & scroll to the bottom of the page to see the cloth selection for the Choose to Create section. The carpet cloth is an important element of your flooring, and has a great impact on the performance of your wall-to-wall flooring.

Step 4

Backing choice

The finishing touch is provided by the backing
arc edition offers 3 different commercial backings, providing both sound insulation and dimensional stability.

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