Printing & dyeing

Printing & dyeing

Alternative printing and dyeing techniques are used, depending on the required effect and finish. Whereas dyeing usually limits itself to one colour, except for space dyeing, the printing process enables various types of coloured designs to be produced on the surface of the fabric. arc edition utilises many variations of dyeing and uses both Digital Chromojet Printing and printing with cylinders.


Solution Dyeing

The colour is added to the liquid state of the fibre components, before the fibre is actually produced.

Piece dyeing

  • Plain colour dyeing: the carpet is dyed 'in a piece' after tufting but before other finishing processes
  • Differential dyeing: yarns can be treated chemically to have different dye affinities, resulting in different shades
  • continuous dyeing: the carpet is run through a dyeing installation or dyeing line.


arc edition embraces two types of printing methods:

Digital Chromojet Printing: when printing with Chromojet, dye is injected into the pile of textile.

Printing with cylinders: Another method of dyeing printed carpet is to pass it under perforated cylinders which press colour into the carpet.


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